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At East Japan Railway Company Sendai branch office (we list as follows with “us”), we run based on the following items mentioned about website (we list as follows with “our site”). Visitor of the use, please use our site on understanding about the following items mentioned beforehand.

1.About range where effect of these items mentioned extends to

We do range where effect of these items mentioned extends to with all data stored by all servers which are necessary for operation of our site and contents to be comprised of them.

2.Copyright Policy

As a general rule, we have copyright about contents on our site. About the use such as data such as all photographs published on our site, company name logo, image, sentence, reproduction, conversion, reproduction declines electromagnetic processing, transmission, distribution including all acts to be similar to use, others this and others secondary at all.

3.Link policy

Procedures in particular do not need about link to our site, but, as a general rule, please set link to top page. In addition, on link, I decline as it might give user misunderstanding about origin of dispatch of information to let you display our site in frame of link former site. I would like setting so that our site stands up with different window by all means.

In addition, about link from the following websites, I decline firmly.
・Website including content made for intention that let you slandered us, other companies or third party and slandered and lose the trust
・Website that was made for intention to perform act to violate copyright of us, other companies or third party, trademark other intellectual property rights
・Site against site and public order and morals with illegality
・Website (we offer information in our site for payment) for the purpose of performing commercial transaction using link to our site

As a general rule, about link from our site, please note that you did not hear request.

4.Precautions (disclaimers about publication information)

We pay various attention about information to place in our site and publish, but, about integrity, accuracy, usefulness, safety of the contents, are not anything guaranteeing. In addition, please note that we do not suffer the responsibility when any result occurs by judgment that user gave based on publication information and action that we took.

Product, information about campaigns placed in our site is information about parts such as product which we sell or campaign developing, and please note that it is not thing covering all all. In addition, all publication information on our site is just information in the point of publication, and there are cases that publication information does not agree with fact by case that reorganizes name or contents without announcing previously after publication beforehand in our site and progress at time.
In addition, we may change address of our site without announcing previously beforehand including top page. Please note that we do not suffer the responsibility about influence of malfunction or other all about indication such as broken links to be caused by address modification of our site.

5.About laws to be based on

About the use of our site and interpretation, application of publication information and this use condition, we shall be based on Japan inside dimensions, unless otherwise specified. In addition, we do Sendai District Court with exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial when dispute occurs about the use of our site.

6.About personal information

About personal information, we follow “privacy policy” that JR East establishes.