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“We raise your Yorimichi photographs”

Is it What’s your best Yorimichi?

In beautiful natural scenery, delicious food, experience-based … Tohoku enacted only there, there is yet unknown charm a lot.
In Instagram formula account of Yorimichi SENDAI, we introduce such northeastern charm.
In addition, we are raising special Yorimichi photographs from visitor.

Please share photographs such as northeastern sightseeing spot, festival, gourmet after follow in Yorimichi SENDAI formula account!
We introduce wonderful photograph in Yorimichi PHOTO.

We soak “# Yorimichi SENDAI” or “# yorimichisendai” and share photograph!
※Please share Yorimichi SENDAI formula account after follow. We introduce wonderful photograph in Yorimichi PHOTO.

Terms of Use of Instagram


(called “user” as follows) that service (called “this service” as follows) that East Japan Railway Company (called “us” as follows) runs and offers in “Yorimichi SENDAI” (called “this site” as follows) is used understands enough agreement (called “this agreement” as follows) in this site and premises that we have you agree. We do not approve the use by user whom you cannot agree with. This agreement is applied from November 1, 2016.

About immunity from responsibility

We perform the use of this service in judgment and responsibility of user oneself, and, about obstacle of access by trouble such as hardware by the use of this site, trouble and the damage, communication environment of software or apparatus, we do not take responsibility.

About use apparatus, expense burden
Expense that it costs to access this site is charged to user regardless of reason.

About trademark, copyright

As copyrights such as information, design collected in this site belong to the rightful claimant when rightful claimant exists any place other than us or us, we or rightful claimant cannot use without permission.

About inappropriate act

When there is act that judged that we such as acts against laws and ordinances or this agreement are inappropriate, we take measures that we judged if we such as stops of this service are appropriate.

About suspension, change, cancellation of this site

Please note that we may cancel suspension, change, administration by this service, reporting without telling by damage, natural disasters such as maintenance, server system failure, fire, blackout, earthquake beforehand.

Revision, change of this agreement

We revise this agreement and may change. In that case, we notify in this site.

In the Yorimichi SENDAI formula Instagram use

Thank you for Instagram formula account (called “this page” as follows) of Yorimichi SENDAI came. In this page, we send information about northeastern project “Yorimichi SENDAI” to still send unknown charm to from Sendai Station. In the use (including reading, contribution) of this page, the following Terms of Use (called “this agreement” as follows) are applied. You have you confirm this agreement, and, after agreement, please use.

Terms of Use
■About contribution

1.Copyright of contribution from user for this page belonged to the user who posted concerned, but, with contribution, should agree to it was free and was nonexclusive, and user should consent to right to do use (reproduction, processing, exhibition) about the contribution concerned out of Japan for Yorimichi SENDAI and not using copyright and author’s personal rights for Yorimichi SENDAI.


User must not post content including matter to establish below on this page. We may take measures that Yorimichi SENDAI deletes the contribution concerned when we include applicable contents in matter which contribution from user determines below without notifying user by judgment of Yorimichi SENDAI and others are necessary.

  • ・We include contents which are not related to this page
  • ・We pretend to be third party including Yorimichi SENDAI
  • ・Falsely or, in fact, we include contents of misconception
  • ・We include contents identifying individual
  • ・Clear mischief and verbal nonsense thing (empty note, enumeration of nonsense letter, consecutive contributions of similar content)
  • ・Personal information (full name, e-mail address, address, phone number) is included (except thing displayed automatically by function of Instagram)
  • ・Or there is a threat that thing violating intellectual property rights (copyright, patent right, the utility model right, design right, trademark), property right, trade secret, right of likeness, privacy, other rights and benefit of us or third party
  • ・Or thing damaging thing, honor, trust to slander us or third party, and to slander; can cause
  • ・We are related to business activity, political activity, religious activity
  • ・We let system of harmful programs such as computer viruses or this page or Instagram company fall into destruction or malfunction
  • ・Or there is a threat that thing against public order and morals
  • ・Or there is a threat that thing violating crime or laws and ordinances
  • ・Information that signature and legal indication were deleted
  • ・Information that creator name was camouflaged
  • ・In addition, we judge that thing disturbing administration of this system and we are inappropriate

■Observance matter about the third party damage

When we damage third party about the use of this page, user compensates for the damage to suffer from in responsibility and expense of self or shall solve dispute with the third party concerned and shall not trouble Yorimichi SENDAI at all.

■Compensation for damages

When user damages Yorimichi SENDAI in violation of this agreement, Yorimichi SENDAI shall be able to demand compensation for damages from the user concerned.


Yorimichi SENDAI does not take responsibility about matter to establish below at all. But it is not this limit about the damage that occurred to user by intention of Yorimichi SENDAI or gross error.

  • ・Integrity, accuracy, lawful act of information on this page including contribution from user for this page and usability
  • ・Loss of user whom we occurred indirectly directly by using information included in this page or contents
  • ・Complicated argument that we occurred between third party with users by the use of the damage, this page of user about having used this page or thing that was not available or user
  • ・Outbreak such as obstacle, maintenance work such as computer or line, interruption, delay of contribution to this page by other unavoidable circumstances or cancellation
  • ・Disappearance of information that user was donated to through contribution to this page
  • ・The end, change without notice of contribution function to this page and this page

■Privacy Policy

We follow “privacy policy” that East Japan Railway Company establishes.

■About change of Terms of Use

Yorimichi SENDAI may change this agreement without getting the consent of user. When this agreement is changed, this agreement after change shall be applied to the use of this page by user after change. In addition, this agreement after change shall produce effect from point in time when we displayed on this page unless we establish separately.

■About governing law and jurisdiction

Interpretation of contribution to this page and this agreement and application assume Japanese law governing law. In addition, about all disputes about use of this page, we assume Sendai District Court exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.


We cannot answer about functions such as application offered by available third party or usage on system situation of Instagram itself and technical question, Instagram.

■Additional clause

These Terms of Use shall have effect from November 1, 2016.

Application essential point, Terms of Use about campaign

About application photograph

Photograph which had you apply may be published in Yorimichi PHOTO. (but, against verboten in Terms of Use, photograph judged to have problem may not be published.) In addition, regardless of the successful right or wrong, we may use in future in SNS such as our medium and notice in station, other WEB mediums or Facebook page.

When person appearing in photograph with applicant comes, please get licensing about use of photograph before contribution by all means from the one.

When intellectual property rights of third party except applicant are included in photograph other than the case mentioned above, please get licensing about use of contribution data from rightful claimant before contribution by all means.
※We are not concerned with the dispute concerned at all, and, on contribution, contributor takes responsibility for complaint and formal objection from third party and shall be settled. In that case, we cannot take all responsibility when some kind of damage occurs either.

Terms of Use

Instagram supports this campaign and is not approval, administration, participating thing. We consider Instagram account (@yorimichi_sendai) of Yorimichi SENDAI to have been agreed to application essential point, Terms of Use with contribution that we soak “# Yorimichi SENDAI” “#yorimichisendai” after follow.
When we publish photograph in special site, we use in form to quote from Instagram. In addition, you may use for SNS such as our medium and station yard notice, other WEB mediums or Facebook page, but please note that you may not tell individually.
When some kind of damage occurs to contributor on posting by any chance, we cannot take responsibility either. Application of this campaign is limited to Japan toward the house.


Please apply for this campaign after having observed the following verboten.

  • ・Contribution against public order and morals
  • ・Contribution that contribution contents contact laws and ordinances
  • ・We post as business purpose
  • ・Contribution to let you induce criminal act and promote
  • ・Contribution that personal information is included in
  • ・Contribution to be annoying to another person, and to give disadvantage, the damage, discomfort
  • ・Contribution to slander another person, and to slander
  • ・Contribution to violate copyright and intellectual property rights of another person
  • ・Contribution to violate with property of another person and privacy or right of likeness
  • ・Act to interfere with application to this plan of other visitors
  • ・Act to violate application essential point, Terms of Use
  • ・Act to disturb administration of this campaign
  • ・Contribution, act to judge that we do not comply with purpose of this campaign
  • ・Contribution, act to judge that we are inappropriate and are vicious
  • ・Contribution, act to violate Terms of Use, laws and ordinances of Instagram
  • ・In addition, act to follow as above

When we judge that contribution, act of applicant is applicable act as above, application is inapplicable and may non-do correspondence such as deletion after publication, publication.

Immunity from responsibility, others

This campaign performs appropriate administration that also considered safely, but about content, system, a lot of service, all matters about other book campaigns in safety, the effectiveness and integrity any; do not guarantee. When we correspond to any of the following, they stop or they may stop the use of all or part of campaign site without notifying applicant in advance. In addition, when we judge that it is necessary, we can change this agreement without notice to applicant and shall be able to take necessary measures that this campaign is appropriate to run. In addition, about the damage that occurred to user or third party due to this, we do not take responsibility at all. ・In the case of emergency when we cannot run by inevitability such as accident, earthquake, thunderbolt, fire, storm and flood damage, blackout on computer system affecting this campaign

  • ・When we urgently perform maintenance, check of system in this campaign
  • ・When computer, communication line stop by accident
  • ・When, by administration interference of this campaign by third party, service stops or delays, and some kind of defects occur
  • ・When trouble between between users and user and third party occurs
  • ・In addition, when we judge stop of this campaign or interruption to be necessary

About the handling of personal information

We use personal information that we got through this campaign for shipment of present to elected candidate and connections about this matter. We manage personal information of visitor appropriately in us. We disclose and may not offer personal information of visitor to third party except duties trust point without agreement of visitor. (except case that disclosure was demanded from by laws and ordinances)
※About the handling of other personal information, we handle based on “basic policy about handling of personal information” that we establish.

About inquiry

※Please note that you cannot accept confirmation of application reception desk of campaign, inquiry about result.

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