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Dynamic ceiling projecting the image of Sendai Castle
The vaulted ceiling is the copy of the ceiling of the hall in Honmaru (the main enclosure) of Sendai Castle which was constructed by Masamune Date, the founder of the Sendai feudal domain.Sendai Castle's Honmaru hall is at the center of the Honmaru palace building, and because of its large size it is also referred to as "Senjojiki (1000 tatami mat size)".Just look up a little and you will feel the full esthetic impact of the prestigious Date culture.Also, a sight not to miss is the Tanabata Festival decorations in August which are a popular seasonal tradition of Sendai Station.

Yorimichi SPOT

We introduce information of sightseeing spot spot with connection to Sendai-shi.

Sendai Castle trace

Sendai Castle trace

Castle trace which Prince Masamune Date built. Approximately 130m above sea level, the east side and the south side that could overlook Sendai city were built in natural stronghold which cliff hardened. The castle tower was not made, but there were Honmaru palace and kenzo ri, five oars which large hall included and boasted of dignified appearance appropriate for Date 62 Mangoku. Stone wall and restored side oar remind me of figure at the time of going. There is Aoba-jo Castle document pavilion and Sendai Castle information building displaying valuable document of Prince Masamune connection and can touch the history of the Dates.

Address 1, Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi
Telephone 022-214-8259 (sightseeing in Sendai-shi interchange section)
Access JR Sendai Station → rupuru Sendai → Sendai Castle trace bus stop → It is immediate on foot