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Jet-black Ogatsu stone is inscribed with the history of more than 200 million years
The black tiles decorating the wall are of Gensho stone, a black hard slate, formed 250 million years ago.It is also referred to as "Ogatsu stone" because it is mined in Ogatsu, Ishinomaki. The Ogatsu inkstone was presented as a tribute to the Lord Masamune Date who was pleased to give it his approval.Since it is so resistant to aging, it has been widely used as a roofing material, including for the roof of The Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, and also for designer tableware.

Yorimichi SPOT

We introduce information of sightseeing spot spot with connection to Sendai-shi.

Ogachi inkstone production sale cooperative

Ogachi inkstone production sale cooperative

Production center, Ogachimachi, Ishinomaki-shi of inkstone that inkstone craftsmen make inkstones by manual labor through earthquake disaster now. Such as tableware using slate that studios gather, and evaluation is high including inkstone from restaurant in Ogachi inkstone production sale cooperative which adds gallery perform displaying and selling.

Address 84-1, Isehata, Ogatsuchoogatsu, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi
Telephone 0225-57-2632
Access JR Sendai Station → JR Sengoku Tohoku line → JR Ishinomaki Station → Taxi 45 minutes