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A prized, elegant sheen
Sendaihira is a textile used for hakama (pleated kimono trousers) which are made only by a joint-stock company, Sendaihira, and has been presented as a tribute to the Imperial Household and the Shogun.The "Yatsuhashi-ori" is a softly plump, feminine silk textile which has also been passed on through Sendaihira since the Genroku era (late 17c).Featuring auspicious patterns, such as 'seven-five-three', it has been called the "lucky omen motif", and so is used for a special happy event.Please enjoy the sense of elegance created by its beautiful sheen.

Yorimichi SPOT

We introduce information of sightseeing spot spot with connection to Sendai-shi.

Sendai Municipal Museum

Sendai Municipal Museum

It stores Masamune Date business furniture of national treasure, Keicho era trainer Europe mission-affiliated document and important cultural property registered with UNESCO memory inheritance, Date articles related to thes including coat of arms. It stores approximately 90,000 points including history, culture, arts and crafts document about Sendai Domain. We display approximately 1,000 points in permanent exhibition at any time, and display contents change every season.

Address 26, Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi
Telephone 022-225-3074
Access JR Sendai Station → Sendai municipal subway Tozai Line, Yakiyama animal park line → Kokusaicenter Station → An 8-minute walk
Sendai-shi Historical Museum

Sendai-shi Historical Museum

Museum to introduce living yellowtail of general public after the Meiji era in famous place, Tsutsujigaoka Park of cherry tree to. Building of Western-style wooden building using barracks of old army fourth regiment is appointed in tangible cultural property of Sendai-shi. We display tools of traditional industrial art object and craftsman of Sendai in permanent exhibition and remind me of life of old Sendai a little.

Address 1-3-7, Gorin, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi (Tsutsujigaoka Park)
Telephone 022-295-3956
Access JR Sendai Station → JR Senseki Line → JR Tsutsujigaoka Station → A 5-minute walk