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"The hidden and unknown charm of Tohoku" slogan promoted by the Sendai station is a place full of inspiration where one is aroused to take detours. If you have some free time, you might want to take a little side trip to the nearby areas and discover gems of places that you've never known. Please discover detours that will make you fall in love with, and travel to all the places around Sendai and Tohoku more.


We suggest sightseeing plans full of Sendai, charm of Miyagi, Tohoku that matched needs of visitor.

Yorimichi ITEM

We will introduce the sight-seeing information on the various display items that are installed in Sendai station and the surrounding establishments.


Yorimichi MENU

We will introduce a special selection of foods and famous products in the establishments near Sendai station.

Yorimichi Sendai souvenir

We introduce unique special product, industrial art object only in Tohoku.

Yorimichi PHOTO

We introduce "Yorimichi photograph" from visitor who had you post in Instagram.